Friday, October 31, 2008

love me, love me not

It’s the morning and I am sitting with my steaming cup of coffee and doing what I do, reading celebrity gossip, my very secret shameful indulgence…

I am struck by the stories regarding parents of adoptive children that then happen to have birth children. Specifically today a story on Nicole Kidman. Okay being out from under the hold of shorty Tom and his couch jumping ideology must be a huge relief, worthy of a mighty Hallelujah!!! And finding a hotty singer from down under to be your best mate, must have her aglow with the “Soulmates are real” wisdom ( I question that by the way). To top that there is the birth of Sunday Rose, apparently a miracle, although though there are plenty of 41 year olds having babies… The blessed event apparently has given Nicole a new lease of life. She is now whole and complete.

To that I say bullshit. I don’t know if these are her words or those of the media, although I suspect the media for being so closed minded. The story makes it sound like she is a mother for the first time. Hello?!! She has two teenage adopted children. Tell me why would someone adopt a child only to make a point of showing them that they will never be the same as s birth child. Truthfully I blame Nicole too. She been gushing over the new baby and really not talking much about her other kids. Maybe they are too under the control of Tom and they have grown apart.

I don’t know, but it just bothers the heck out of me. Even Brangelina that I highly respect for having the kind of multicoloured brood I’d aspire to have someday, even with them the media is relentless. Now y’all know Angie loves her Maddox,afterall it he completely transformed the woman, but every since the birth of Shiloh, the media has a made a point of focusing on her, because she is the true fruit of the loins of Brangelina whereas Zahara, Pax and Maddox must be a rental deals.

Or take Madonna with her son David. Oh but he’s never just David. He little David Banda, lets make it clear in case you are colour blind, that he does NOT have the same last name as Madonna, because, wait for it,wait for it, .... he is not really her child.... Wow!!!

Get real folks, and grow up. A child is a child and if you love children it should not matter if they are your own or adopted. I love my friends children just as much as my own nieces. Blood is not thicker than water. This is simply a condition of society that say somehow what you make yourself has a special ingredient that somehow an adoptive child cannot have. And science doesn’t help. What with the stories of bonding between mother and child, baby knowing its mothers scent, how mothers milk is the secret sauce to have smart healthy kids.

What I do know is that babies are very smart. What they do bond to is attention. Give them love and give them attention and they are yours. And there are alot of those little ones out there looking for your love, looking for someone to bond to. So open your arms and bring them into your lives and love them because all you need is love.... and your life will never be the same.... Ask Angie…

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