Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is my town baby!!!

Huffington Post recently published an article naming Toronto as one of the coolest cities in the planet. Okay so I am a bit biased since I now live here, but I have to say I agree. There is not shortage of things to do, for every taste and every budget. There are film festivals, and I am not just talking about the big one TIFF in Sept, but small fringe ones. There are art shows, there is theatre, there is photography. If you are like me, a granola girl, then there is tons of farmer's markets, natural food markets etc. You like antique? We got that too. And every weekend it seem there is a celebration of some sort going on, last week was Indian Parade, this week is Salsa and Carribana... If you like to shop, we have tons of boutique-y place to shop right on the streets and for those that prefer malls we've got that too. We got wine country just an hour drive away... and I could just go on and on. Anyways I just thought I should give a shout out to my new the following months as I get more settled in, I will be spending time exploring the many different neighbourhood in Toronto. It'll be so much fun. Years ago when I lived in London I used to take out the A-Z map, randomly flip to a page and then get on the tube and go explore. It never failed, I always found something new and interesting...I think that is the only way you can make a city your own. Finding like gems that are off the beaten here I come Toronto ;0)


TQ said...

Are you publishing elsewhere? Find me on Twitter @tqnews if you're still there.

Marjan said...

Hi, I have sort of vanished from twitter world and blogosphere...need to get back, but so far have been busy adjusting to life in a new city...I hope I'll be able to write more...I do have lots to tell...just a matter of making the time...Thanks for reading my blog